Junior Caucus

Welcome to the Junior Caucus Website! Here, you will be provided with information regarding opportunities for juniors, scholarships, academic help like study guides, and any other important information to the class of 2022. If you want to learn more about your caucus representatives, please go to the about us page to learn more.

Useful Links

Item Description Link
Online Textbooks The Student Unions' online textbook resource! https://www.stuysu.org/academics/textbooks
Stuyactivities The place to sign up for clubs and pubs! stuyactivities.org
StuySU The main Student Union organization! stuysu.org
Stuy ARISTA Stuyvesant's volunteer tutoring service and part of the National Junior Honor Society! https://stuyarista.org/
Term Calendar The 2020-2021 School Year Calendar https://www.schools.nyc.gov/about-us/news/2020-2021-school-year-calendar
Talos Stuyvesant's Student Information Hub https://talos.stuy.edu/auth/login/
DOE Zoom The DOE Zoom Account https://idm.nycenet.edu/students/start.form
AP Testing Schedule The school's current AP testing schedule https://stuy.entest.org/2021%20AP%20Exam%20Schedule_Final.pdf

Important Upcoming Events

Item Description Date
Website Release The release of the Stuy JC Website 17/1/2021

Our archive of JC hosted events can be found at here.


Date JC Meeting Notes
10/1/2021 Notes To Come

Our previous meeting notes can also be found here.

The Team

Stuyvesant Junior Caucus of 2020

These are the wonderful members of the Junior Caucus team. If you wish to reach out to any of them, please check them out on the about us section of the website.