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The Team

Pallab Saha


Serving two years in civil service as the Freshman Caucus President and the Sophomore Caucus Vice President, Pallab has accomplished a multitude of things. From hosting events to getting more privileges for students to representing the Class of 2018, he has done whatever it takes to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Outside of Student Union, Pallab also serves as the Co-President of the Stuyvesant Business Network as well as President of the Stuyvesant Hindu Students Association. As an active board member on TEDxStuyvesant as well as Tech crew for STC, he is well rounded and fully capable of taking on the role of Junior Caucus President. Through his experiences in different clubs and the relationships he has built, Pallab has been able to fulfill his role as a leader of the Class of 2018 for two years. His experience working with the administration is key to making sure that all of his plans are accomplished and all of his goals are achieved.

Abie Rohrig


During his time at Stuyvesant, Abie has served as both a member of the Sophomore Caucus Operations Team, co-Director of Layout for this year’s SophFrosh Semiformal, as well as a Budget Director for Student Union. He has experience with the Student Union leading committees and working with the administration to take action. Outside of student government, Abie serves as the Co-Chair for the Speaker Committee of the Stuyvesant Pre-Medical Society, as well as the Chief Communications Officer for the Stuyvesant Business Network. He is also an active member of the Public Forum Debate Team, having won both the Scarsdale and Ridge Invitational Tournaments in the novice division, semi-finaling at the New York State Championship in the novice division, finaling at the Columbia Invitational in the varsity division, and qualifying for the National Forensic League Championship this year in Salt Lake City, Utah. From these roles, Abie has developed communication and persuasion skills that will prove necessary in many facets of Student Union, such as working with the school administration, convincing businesses to partner with Stuyvesant, and so on.

Platform Goals

Academic & Structural Change

Increasing AIS Tutoring or AP Classes so that they begin before April.
Improving the Student Store by getting more student input, increasing sale hours, and creating online sales.
Discounts for AP Prep Books by partnering with local businesses.

Getting Ready for the Future

College Trips guaranteed by working closely with the College Office.
College Readiness Support that includes more speakers in academia, grade-wide surveys, and a database of alumni so that students can reach out for advice.


Junior Prom including more student input on prices, food, and location.
Pep Rallies to build school spirit and represent our sports teams.
Fundraisers & More to generate more funds for the SU and clubs alike.

Communication & Representation

Junior Caucus Website with updates, events, study guides and more.
Online Q&A Sessions so the grade can always stay in the loop.
A Mid-Year Update to inform about our progress.

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